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E, Garcia-Pelegrin; R, Miller; F, Clark

Related paper : Increasing animal cognition research in zoos Journal Article

In: Zoo Biology, 2022.

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R, Miller; M, Lambert; A, Frohnweiser; K, Brecht; T, Bugnyar; I, Crampton; E, Garcia-Pelegrin; K, Gould; A, Greggor; E, Izawa; D, Kelly; Z, Li; Y, Luo; L, Luong; J, Massen; A, Nieder; S, Reber; M, Schiestl; P, Sepehri; J, Stevens; AH, Taylor; L, Wang; LM, Wolff; Y, Zhang; NS, Clayton

Related paper : Socio-ecological correlates of neophobia in corvids. Journal Article

In: Current Biology, 2021.

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